Scanias journey with KTH Formula student

Today, we proudly present one of our longest-standing sponsors – Scania, who have now been supporting our team for more than 10 years.

A few words about Scania:

Scania is a world-leading provider of transport solutions committed to a better tomorrow.  Our purpose is to drive the shift towards sustainable transport systems. The transport industry is changing fast, and to drive the shift towards cleaner, safer and smarter solutions, we need to be able to innovate quickly. By combining our core strengths – such as Scania’s modular platform – with new ways of working, we’re rapidly developing the ideas and technologies that will shape tomorrow’s transport system. By harnessing the power of innovation, we are finding answers to some of our most urgent sustainability challenges, from urban mobility to climate change. At the same time, technologies such as electrification and automation are radically re-shaping our business, creating exciting new opportunities and business models

This is how we work together:

In our collaboration with KTH FS we invite team members to Scania for a partner day every year. We fill the day with inspirational lectures, go-and-see and mingle with former KTH FS team members who are now working at Scania. The team members are involved in the planning of the partner day so that they can influence the content of the program.

When the team members are building the car, Scania also invites team members to come to Scania to get help with different types of testing. It is beneficial for the team members to be on-site at Scania to really feel involved in the process. Recently we also have discussed different possibilities of having the team use our facilities to test drive their car. 

Scania offers team members to take part of a mentorship where Scania employees act as mentors to the team members. The mentorship has evolved over the years of collaboration and this will be the 4th year it is offered. During the mentorship, the group of mentors and mentees can exchange knowledge and get the chance to set up individual goals that they want to achieve.

Here is what KTH FS team members and Scania employees say about the cooperation:

Scania's support for our team goes above and beyond financial support. They support our subgroups by sharing first-hand knowledge about automotive development processes, provide our team with a mentorship program each year, as well as letting our team come an test components and batteries at Scania which is essential for our ongoing research and development. Our cooperation with Scania offers an incredible opportunity to build lasting connections between students and the company. Thanks to this strong partnership, Scania has become a highly desired employer for our KTH FS alumnis.
Filip Söderberg & Axel HÀllefors
Team Captains of KTH Formula Student
The cooperation enables us to support the students in their work but also to inspire, share knowledge and learn from each other. Students within KTH Formula Student develop skills and knowledge within relevant areas of engineering that we are looking for, and I am impressed by the work and effort they put down in the project.
Patrik Johannesson
Employer Branding Sweden, Scania
Collaboration with KTH FS is a great opportunity for us to learn, and allows us to not only help students, but learn from them. In a fast changing world, the collaboration allows us to stay updated with the latest technology as well as to share it with the students to investigate and deliver the best products for both of us. It’s also a great way to build a network between students and the company, where students gain ‘real world’ experience, and we discover great talents needed for the future of the company.
Marina Fernandez Carnota
Development Engineer at Scania and a former member of KTH FS
Marina and Kim
Marina & Kim
As a former member of KTH formula student and now employee of Scania, I believe that the collaboration is very beneficial for both parties. Scania plays a crucial role in the team’s development in many ways, but the most important aspect is the connection and collaboration with the industry that Scania enables. Scania contributes to the continuity of the project, allowing students to explore areas beyond the confines of their studies, involving various technical areas. Being a part of KTH FS offers a unique opportunity to prepare for starting your career after graduation by experiencing an organization with over 100 individuals all driven towards a shared goal. Through this, they are encountering challenges and gaining experiences that can’t be gained through traditional studies, as there are no courses that can mimic real-life work as closely as this project does. KTH Formula Students are dedicated, adept at resolving complex issues, and continually refining their communication skills to excel in the professional world.
Kim Strinnholm
Development Engineer at Scania