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Here you can read more about our subdivisions and what positions they are recruiting. The recruitment is now closed, when open you will find the application form at the end of the page.

Aerodynamics and Composites is a subgroup consisting of three internal groups.
The Aerodynamics Design team is behind the shape of the whole car, optimized in CFD simulations. The undertray, front wings, rear wings and side pods are designed and then manufactured by this team, using carbon fiber and fiberglass as the most common materials.
The Solid Mechanics and Composites group focuses on the design, manufacturing, and development of our front crash structure, our lightweight carbon-fibre chassis and battery container as well as laminates, designs and manufactures aerodynamic parts.
The Cooling group is responsible for finding lightweight and efficient cooling solutions for the car’s motors, power inverters and battery using knowledge of aerodynamics and thermodynamics as well as hydraulic systems and manufacturing.
Aerodynamics and Composites have looked to fill the roles of:
  • Aerodynamics Design
  • Solid Mechanics and Composites
  • Cooling

Aerodynamics Design:
The following skills are meritorious but not required.

  • CAD software
  • CFD software
  • Hands on experience with any type of manufacturing
  • Experience working with composite materials
Solid Mechanics and Composites:
The following skills are meritorious but not required.
  • CAD software
  • FEM software
  • Layup optimization or theory
  • Some hands-on experience with a practical project (for our manufacturing of moulds, rigs etc.)
  • Work with composites
The following skills are meritorious but not required.
  • CAD software
  • Simulink/Matlab/Control theory
  • Thermodynamics understanding/background

Business and Marketing is the subgroup in charge of external and internal relations. Meaning we are in charge of sponsors, marketing, internal-/external events, business plan presentation (BPP) among other things.

Business and Marketing have looked for people that are/have:

  • Social media experience.
  • Photography experience.
  • Comfortable with sponsor contact.

Already established contacts within the industry is a plus but not expected.

The Driverless team is responsible from the driverless software development and deployment, enabling our car to run autonomously in competitions. The team is uniquely split into four separate groups: Software Development, Perception, Navigation, and Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM).

Driverless have looked for the following skills and/or profiles:


  • Master student with experience in SLAM
  •  Robotics master or similar
  •  Experience with FastSLAM, GraphSLAM or any other SLAM method


Master student responsible for the controller

    •  Robotics master or similar
    •  Experience with MPC
    •  Meritorious: Reinforcement learning

Master student responsible for path-planner

    •  Robotics master or similar
    •  Experience with model based planners
    •  Meritorious: Machine learning, optimization based path planners


  • ML master student (or similar) that will work on an object tracking project
  •  Experience working with machine learning
  •  Meritorious: worked with computer vision, object tracking

Software development

  • Comfortable with programming and computer systems
  •  Servers
  •  Deployment of software
  •  Docker

The Mechanical Design team is responsible for all of the mechanical components on the car.

The team works with the whole process from concept to manufacturing to testing and optimization. The components are designed using CAD- and FEA Software. Manufacturing methods include: Manual manufacturing, CNC milling and Additive manufacturing.

The following skills are meritorious but not required.

  •  CAD software
  •  FEA software
  •  Stong understanding of mechanics (primarily Solid Mechanics, Statics, Dynamics and Kinematics.)
  •  Any manufacturing knowledge
  •  CNC experience

Mechanical Design have looked for the following profiles:

  • Second or third year Mechanical or Vehicle Engineering BSc students that plan to stay for at least 2 years.
  • MSc students in the following programmes:
    •  Vehicle engineering, Machine Design, Engineering Mechanics, Aerospace Engineering or similar.
  • BSc and/or MSc students interested to learn or proficient in manufacturing, i.e. CNC, 3D printing and manual lathe and mill manufacturing.

The Powertrain team is working with the high voltage systems like electrical motors, inverters and a high voltage battery built by the team. The Electronics team is working with the low voltage systems like all sensors on the car, the dashboard, wiring, safety circuits,  and much more. The PCBs are designed by the team from start to finish and they also develop the software on them.

Powertrain and Electronics have looked for the following skills and/or profiles:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s student having experience working with an electric drive train;
    • including simulations, testing and assembling.
  • Bachelor’s students with interests in electronics (experience is not required) and/or software development.
  • Bachelor’s students with knowledge about mechanical design and CAD, with and interest in electronics (experience is not required).

The Vehicle Dynamics team is responsible for three segments – the suspension design, the development of control systems (traction control, torque vectoring and regenerative braking) and tuning the vehicle for increased performance by testing it on the track.

Vehicle Dynamics have looked for the following skills and/or profiles:

  • First- or second-year bachelor’s student who is expected to stay in the team for more than two years.
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s student having experience with control systems and applications.
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s student who has previously been a member of any FS/Baja team and has a strong understanding of vehicle dynamics.

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