All the components of the car have to be designed so that they optimally meet all the functional requirements at the lowest cost possible, which is the task that our MD group encounters every day at KTH Formula Student. At the moment MD work on Driverless steering and breaking and some changes involving the mounting of the rear and front wing and redesigning some boxes for better access. They are also working on making the car rule compliant for this season's new rules.

The struggles which we have is finding actuators with high enough specifications that are not too expensive.

Jens Bennström
Head of Mechanical Design
Viktor Hallbeck
Robin Wikström
Project Leader
Shyam Geo Prakash
Johan Yahya
Marina Fernandez Carnota
David Lawrence
Edvin Hagberg
Epuri Venkata Sai Nikhil
Gustav Boman
Viktor Landemoo

Vehicle dynamics work on developing the overall concept of the vehicle in terms of what kind of a weight to aim for, what kind of a powertrain to aim for. Every movement of the car has to be analyzed by our Vehicle Dynamics group for optimal performance. The department also works on developing the suspensions and steering system for the vehicle as well as how to get the most out of the vehicle by developing control systems like traction control, torque vectoring and brake regenerative control.

Our goal for this year is developing vehicle control systems and tune the car for optimal performance. The problem we have is testing since it’s weather dependent and no testing can be done during the winter. The solution we go for is that we try to prioritize and plan before a test day.

Keerthan Shetty
Head of Vehicle Dynamics
Saurabh Vyas
Filip Kapotra
Rohit Suram Venkata Subramanyiam
Venkata Dinesh Raju Jonnalagadda

Working closely together, the subgroup Powertrain & Electronics (PE), is responsible for all the electrical systems of our car. Powertrain refers to our high-voltage systems while Electronics is all about developing the low-voltage electrical system.

Powertrain includes the motors and inverters in addition to battery.

PE:s main goal is to improve reliability and make a smooth transition between EV and DV configurations without affecting the performance of the car.

One of the toughest challenges for this subgroup is to design, test and optimize all the intricate parts of the different systems to perform at its best and push the car to its limits.

Jordi Altayó
Head of Electronics
Kim Strinnholm
Head of Powertrain
Holger Stenberg
Jacob Roming
Samuel Svensson
Marcus Dahlin
Vivek J Shah
Xu Yu

The Driverless department is divided into three groups:

  • Perception: Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Sensor Fusion.
  • SLAM: Simultaneous Localization and Mapping.
  • Navigation: Planning and Control.

Our mission is to build a robust and efficient driverless software pipeline to join the best European competitions.

After an extremely selective recruitment process, a specific training and a depth study of the current state-of-art technology, we are now developing the new autonomous system.

Fereidoon Zangeneh Kamali
Project Manager Driverless software
David Villagra
Head of Driverless
Kartik Chari
Corentin Chauvin Hameau
Driverless Technical Integrator

A lot of calculations and testing goes into the daily work within our group working with Aerodynamics and Composites, for a more concrete example, they are designing both the rear- and the front wing and optimizing them to achieve top performance.

Tamas Vass
Head of Aerodynamics
Niklas Carlbaum

The main focus for the BM group this time of the year is to find sponsorships, which is essential for our team to be able to work on this project. Other aspects of this groups focus include a lot of effort going in different events which we use frequently to expose ourselves both as organizers and as attendees. When we close in on the competition, the BM group will be responsible for the static events which include a business presentation as well as presenting a cost and design report.

Petros Abraham
Head of Business & Marketing
Robbin Lexander
Head of Treasury
Antoine-Amaury Guillerm
Jagathishvar Jayakumar
Event Lead
Balachandar Ravichandran
Static Events Lead
Didrik Munther
Head of IT
Shravan Subramanian
Nils Niklasson
Project Manager Hardware
William Nord-Nilsson