The Aerodynamic and Composites team is the ones behind the shape of the whole car, optimized in CFD simulations, also undertray, front wings, rear wings and side pods are designed and then manufactured by this team. Using carbon fiber and fiberglass as the most common materials.

Business involves management of the team as well as preparing for the static events of the Formula Student competition. The static events consist of a business plan of the project, a cost documentation and a design documentation of the car.

The chassis group is focusing on the design, manufacturing, and development of our lightweight carbon-fibre chassis/monocoque and battery container as well as finding advanced and efficient cooling solutions for the car’s motors, inverters and battery. The subgroup is also responsible for maintaining a close eye on the other subgroups projects to ensure seamless integration and synergy as well as studying various engineering disciplines to help the team pass certain tests and qualify for competitions.

The Driverless team is responsible for the transformation of the previous year car in a fully autonomous racing prototype. Our responsibilities spaces from the driverless software development to the actual systems implementation on the car.

The Marketing team has a close connection to our partners and students at KTH. The main goal is to spread the word about Formula Student, our team at KTH and make sure we get the best deals with our partners.

The Mechanical Design team is responsible for mechanical and structural components such as chassis, ergonomics, drivetrain and electrical packaging. The team design components using CAD- and FEA-software and manufacture with 3D-printing, milling, lathing, welding and laser cutting.

The Powertrain and Electronics team is working with the high voltage systems like electrical motors, inverters and a high voltage battery built by the team. And the low voltage systems like all sensors on the car, the dashboard, the wiring, safety circuits and much more.

The Vehicle Dynamics team is responsible for three segments -the suspension design, the development of control systems(traction control, torque vectoring and regenerative braking) and tuning the vehicle for increased performance by testing it on the track.

The next recruitment phase will start in the beginning of 2022. Check our social media for more information