Our goal is to develop a cutting-edge driverless system for our racing car prototype. To achieve this, we’re working on projects that utilize the latest techniques in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Robotics, System and Control.

Driverless groups:
  • Perception: Computer Vision and Deep Learning
  • SLAM: Estimation, Localization and Mapping
  • Navigation: Planning and Control

We’ve already been joined by some of the best minds, now we’re looking for talented and ambitious KTH students to join our team. We do research differently here at KTH Formula Student. Our team isn't cloistered in a lab, but instead, we work closely with our partner companies, academic mentors and electrical and mechanical departments to discover, invent, and build original solutions.

I have very high expectations towards the team. The whole team worked really hard to perform the best recruitment process. We interviewed and trained hundreds of candidates to select just the few brightest and motivated candidates. The old members and the managers in particular have the responsibility to lead and inspire these minds towards a new successful season. The competition is just the final step, the true goal is the the quality of the path that led you there.
Pier Luigi Dovesi
Driverless Lead